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When Florida hockey players reach the age of 13-16, there is nobody in Florida advising theses young student athletes and their parents on their hockey future.  Nobody is educating parents on the path their kids need to take to play college hockey, at prep schools, or in the USHL, EJHL, Empire, OHL/QMJL, etc.  We have first generation hockey parents that do not know the first thing about how this process works.  And even the ones that think they know, really do not know the correct steps to take.  This does not need to be the case.  There are very talented hockey players here that if guided properly, can play prep, USHL, and college hockey.  


I welcome the opportunity to further discuss my theories and philosophies on when and why to play prep versus USHL versus Jr.’s versus OHL, however it is too intricate to type.  Suffice is to say, the bottom line is you cannot stay in Florida until you are 18 and play college hockey.  Why? It’s simple….Exposure.  NOBODY is scouting Florida Hockey (Brian Ferlin).  The most densely populated area of “hockey” colleges and universities is in New England.  The most Prep schools are in New England.  


Prep School Hockey

University and pro scouts recognize this level is amongst the best for this age group. These schools have attracted top talent from around the world and provide significant daily ice-time and coaching in addition to game situations without onerous travel. Prep school should be considered as one of the better routes for preparing to play college hockey since, in addition to the academic foundation, the level of play is superior and the exposure to college coaches is excellent. A recent survey determined that:









Prep School, AAA, and Tier II Rankings:


 SAHOF and Southeast USA Hockey:





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