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We would like to introduce the BEST supplement to TRAVEL HOCKEY in South Florida... Small Area Ice 3v3 on Glacier's Studio Rink.


3v3 is the perfect compliment to your existing hockey team and schedule. Coaches that have their players in 3v3 will see improvement at a FASTER rate than the kids only playing on the big ice during team practices.









What is 3v3 League:

3v3 is a new league being introduced at Glacier Ice Arena.  Glacier Ice Arena has a unique feature that other rinks in Florida cant offer.  A Studio Rink.  The dimensions are about 1/3 the size of a regulation rink, yet the boards and nets are regulation size.


This unique environment creates an exciting platform in which this league has been created to develop young hockey players in a fun and exciting environment.


Why 3v3:

We cant think of a better way for young players to improve.  There is no better environment for a player to improve his hands, hockey sense, quick decisions, quick bursts, working the boards/walls, and learning how to find soft spots and space.  The entire hour is a fast paced scoring opportunity. For goalies, they will see some serious rubber and have to be on their toes at all times. For players, there is little time and space... they have to read and react quickly, protect the puck, and move fast. Hands will develop tremendously in this environment.  The boys/girls will touch the puck often and have the ability to try moves that coaches do not allow them to try in practice and games. 


This league will develop players much more effectively than a 1 on 1 lesson... for 1/4 the cost of an hour lesson.  A lesson does not teach young players hockey sense.  In Canada, New England, and the Midwest you do not see 1 on 1 lessons as prevalent as you do in Florida. They are rare. Lessons can create a very "pretty" player that disappears in games. Kids that play hockey in Canada, New England, and the Midwest just hop on the pond and have fun on their off days from games and practice.  This is essentially what we are providing, except the boys have boards to make the game that much more effective.


What Makes This League Unique and FUN:

All players are involved in the play making it more interesting for players of all different skill levels. Fewer players on the ice means more opportunities with and around the puck.

Becomes a game of strategy and position. Less space and less time requires quicker decision making.

Fewer players to field a team. 

3-on-3 is a "skills" based game, played in tight spaces at a fast pace. Because of this, you quickly improve your "skills" to adapt to this fast pace. It increases puck handling; team play; transition offense to defense / defense to offense; positioning; time on the ice.


Promotes "Creativity"

Goalies are always in the play, more shots, movement and opportunities to play the puck.





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